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What I Wish I Knew: True confessions from two Actors turned Agents

July 18, 2023 Productions Plus
Productions Plus
What I Wish I Knew: True confessions from two Actors turned Agents
Show Notes

What I Wish I Knew…a discussion between Productions Plus CEO, Hedy Popson, and Talent Agent, Debbie Williams, about their time on the other side of the business, when both were working as actresses in LA and NYC. Listen as these two women share stories and lessons learned on their way from actors to agents.

Hedy Popson is the President & CEO of Productions Plus- but before taking the helm of the agency, Hedy spent over twenty years as a SAG working actor, Professional Speaker, Product Specialist and performer. Hedy has appeared in hundreds of TV commercials, films, industrial films, print ads and theatrical productions. Her passion as a performer is the secret sauce that motivates her to represent and connect Productions Plus talent with clients and consumers.

Debbie Williams is an Agent in the theatrical department at Productions Plus. She represents actors in VO, Industrial, Commercial, & Film/TV.
Prior to her work with the Agency, Debbie enjoyed a 20 year career as professional actor, singer and dancer on stage and screen as a proud member of SAG, AEA, SDC, and WGAe. Debbie’s love of the business and knowledge from an actor’s point of view are integral tools in the work she does today as an agent. Her creative spark and varied background in the Arts are key in understanding client and actor needs and putting the right people together.

About Productions Plus:
Productions Plus has been providing excellence in brand representation since 1981. We are the largest SAG-franchised, full-service talent management agency and our niche has been representing Product Specialists for numerous global automotive brands. We represent thousands of actors for TV/Film, print, commercials, product demonstrations, trade shows and auto shows.

We are excited to launch our new podcast which will feature several of our employees, talent and brand partners chatting about what we do best- connecting people and brands!

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