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What’s in a headshot?

February 14, 2023 Productions Plus Season 1 Episode 4
Productions Plus
What’s in a headshot?
Show Notes

In this episode, listen to photographer Ron Williams and agent Debbie Williams talk about the importance of the actor’s headshot – from getting the audition to booking the job. What goes into this key tool, how often does an actor need to sit for a photographer, what are agents looking for when viewing, and so much more?! Join us for a complete overview of this key marketing tool.  

About Debbie: 
Debbie Williams is a new Theatrical Agent at Productions Plus. She has 3 decades of professional experience in the Entertainment Industry, as a SAG/AEA/SDC actor, director, choreographer and now agent in Theatre, Film, Television and Voiceover. Debbie will be sharing her experiences and discussing the Agent/Actor relationship and fundamentals of the business.

About Ron:
Ron Williams is a creative with decades of professional experience as an actor in Theatre, Film, TV and live events, including the National Auto Show circuit, and as a Pro Photographer shooting everything from actor headshots to weddings to corporate and fashion photography. Ron’s happy to be sharing his knowledge and experience. 

About our Host, Joe Stearns:
Joseph Stearns is a member of the leadership team at Productions Plus and is our Podcast host. He has been an actor, performer, and arts administrator for over 30 years. He was the founder and artistic director of Signal Ensemble Theatre in Chicago. His mission for the Productions Plus Podcast is to share the experience and knowledge housed within Productions Plus to help talent succeed.


About Productions Plus:
Productions Plus has been providing excellence in brand representation since 1981. We are the largest SAG-franchised, full-service talent management agency and our niche has been representing Product Specialists for numerous global automotive brands. We represent thousands of actors for TV/Film, print, commercials, product demonstrations, trade shows and auto shows.

We are excited to launch our new podcast which will feature several of our employees, talent and brand partners chatting about what we do best- connecting people and brands!

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